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We Were Wrong, Right” is the third album by the acclaimed Swedish six-piece. The sonic noise of indie rock, the delicate and intimate feel of lo-fi and the more danceable parts of folk music –combined with songs, melodies and drive that make you either sigh or cry. Or fight. Or dance.

Golden Kanine started off as a loud guitar based Indie-Rock band. Since then, the band has started to experiment with more diverse instruments and a more intimate approach. Now the sound includes mandolins, horns and soaring feedback. Their music progressed quite a bit. They are a loud intimate band. Or a intimate loud band. It’s the bands wish that people will be able to cry as well as dance to the songs. Mission accomplished.

5 – 2 = 6

“We guess we´ve been a bit secret for quite some time, we hope that´s alright with you and that you´re doing fine. We´ve been working in the dark, trying to make our best all the while... We don´t know if you noticed but there´s been some slight changes in our midst and we´ve lost a few important persons on the way and they´re greatly missed but on the other hand we gained some new ones and they are more than welcome as our brethren. During the time from the release of our last record, Oh woe! (perhaps a prediction if any) both Micke and Marcus decided to leave the band and in terms of parting ways and how this could be done, it was done in the best of ways. As of a year ago we´ve mutated from a five piece Swedish band to a six piece Swedish-German collaboration when we joined ranks with our two beloved horn players Gábor and László of Nurnberg. The final change was made when an old friend, Per, joined us and now we are a whole again. The time of darkness and secrecy has come to an end...”

We were wrong, right?

“This record has been in the making for quite a long time. A couple of the songs have been played the last two years on shows, such as the track “Oh, they caught you too?” which was written by the time of Scissors & Happiness´ completion in 2009, to the last of the songs, “I know I had a heart once”, which was finished at the very end of the recordings. More so the songs “Jennifer”, “Madeleine”, “Cruelty” and “Plans” were played and road tested on tours promoting the “Oh Woe!” record. By the time we were set to record the new album, which turned out to be ”We were wrong, right?”?, we decided to turn to our friend Mattias Larsson and the sonic possibilities at A Place to Mourn with its hard reverberate halls and rooms which are dampened with the ghosts of years and years of band practice. We started out in May and finished in May and the recordings and songs themselves took on a feel of how the year turned and the seasons changed; the hot and sweaty mood of August; the cold, damp, depressing feel of February and a cathartic April where it all fell into place. The sounds we made and the songs we wrote took on new directions and left us sensing a change had come.”

So the story goes…

Around ten years ago the two singer/songwriters Linus Lindvall and Andreas Olrog met at a film school in Helsingborg. They found out they shared both taste in music and in films and decided to form a band, since they both sat on a bunch of songs. The result was called Ashtray Hearts - an alt country band taking its inspiration from bands like Jayhawks and Wilco. The band split up a few years after and Lindvall moved to Malmoe where he met the drummer Micke Sahlin. Both Sahlin and Lindvall wanted to start something new with a more direct approach and with more punch. They tried out different musicians, but found themselves alone. They started to persuade Olrog to leave Helsingborg
and to come and play music with them. They succeeded. The guys formed “The Luscious Four” with Daniel Melkersson on bass, Lindvall and Olrog on guitar/vocals and Sahlin on the drums. After a couple of years Melkersson left the band and was replaced by Dante Ekfeldt.

They changed their name to “Golden Kanine”.

The four made a record in which a guy called Marcus Lundquist played trombone on, and soon after they had fallen in love with the idea of a more dynamic sound with more versatile instrumentation than just the classic rock setting of guitars, bass and drums. The idea incorporated the thought of a wall of snares, mandolins, trombones, banjos, guitars, fuzz bass guitar, pianos, the eventual pump organ.

The idea turned out to be generating quite a stir, both in their home region of southern Sweden but also in Germany and Denmark. The five guys started to record their debut album called “Scissors & Happiness”, which later was released by German record label Stargazer. The album got great reviews in German fanzines and magazines and the band kept looking for more ways to get their music out. Golden Kanine took to touring and even more touring and eventually they ended up in the garden of the Glitterhouse mansion playing a set to the crowd of the OBS festival and Golden Kanine soon signed on with Glitterhouse records. Their second album “Oh Woe”! was released, soon after Glitterhouse re-released “Scissors & Happiness”. Golden Kanine toured - a lot. They played small hole-in-the-walls as well as festivals (Haldern-Pop, Orange Blossom Special, Weinturm, Fusion, even Southside and Hurricane), they got to know the feeling of playing sold-out arenas by supporting Mando Diao during their German tour and they were invited to play for legendary German tv-show WDR-Rockpalast. It just progressed. Like their music did.

“Now here we stand with even more touring done and a whole new record ready to hit your eardrums. “ - XOXO from Golden Kanine


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Golden Kanine

We Were Wrong, Right

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“ We Were Wrong, Right ” is the third album by the acclaimed Swedish six-piece. The sonic noise of indie rock, the delicate and intimate feel of lo-fi and the more danceable parts of folk music –combined with songs, melodies and drive that...
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